Panchakarma Treatment

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Panchakarma Treatments.

Kerala Ayurveda Ranchi happens to be one of the Best Ayurvedic Hospitals Ranchi, offering the best panchakarma treatments. This treatment system aims to remove the toxic materials, present in the body. It is recognized to be the five point revitalization treatment which has earned a high reputation across the globe. It is essentially an integral part of the cleansing process, referred to as shodhana. Our panchakarma treatment procedure includes poorvakarma, Pradhana karma, and paschat karma.

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At Kerala Ayurveda Ranchi, we have the most reputed Ayurvedic Doctor Ranchi. Our doctors adopt the pre purification process which is referred to as poorvakarma. In this process, the toxic materials, present in the body are moved towards the gastrointestinal tract. It is an effective option for providing nourishment to the nervous system and removing the stress. The main procedure of our panchakarma treatment is inclusive of five basic cleansing procedures which are inclusive of Virechanam ` Purgation, vamanam Therapeutic vomiting, removal of toxic materials through the nose, detoxification of the blood, vasthy enema.

You need to take specific measures after the purification to avoid any hassles. You should ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle and opt for a healthy diet, which prevents the worsening of the conditions by the suppressing of the renewed healing energy.

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best ayurvedic treatment in ranchi

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The key therapies of our Panchakarma Treatment are inclusive of njavarakizhi, podikizhi, sirodhara, Snehapanam, ettc. It is recommended to stay away from excessive eating, being too idle, and riding over bumpy roads, loud talking post to the purification process. If you are looking for an effective procedure to remove the toxic materials present in the body, the panchakarma treatment procedures, we offer is definitely an ideal option. Reach out to us for more details.