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Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

Age related wear and tear happens to be the prime cause of cervical spondyltis. A wide array of people encounters the cervical spondyltis from the age of thirty. However, the symptoms appear at later phase of life. It leads to the loss of elasticity in the cervical and spinal disks. At Kerala Ayurveda Ranchi, we have earned a high reputation in offering top quality of cervical spondyltis treatment. We opt for simpler and safer means of ayurveda treatment. There are primarily three principles in order to treat spondylitis.

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At Kerala Ayurveda Ranchi, we have the Best Ayurvedic Doctors Ranchi who offers assistance in biding goodbye to cervical spondylitis. Our Ayurvedic doctors opt for pachakarma treatments in order to reduce the inflammation in the tissues. In addition to this, they confer external application of messages for enhancing the blood circulation in the specific area. Besides this, we also opt for internal medication for the rectification of the metabolism of calcium. If a patient is suffering from chronic and severe spondylitis, we treat them with the aid of panchakarma treatments. In case the patient is in fresh and acute condition, the medicines are known to work in a perfect manner.

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Navara Kizhi happens to be one of the most unique treatments, we opt for cervical spondylitis. Here, a bolus is prepared from the vata normalizing herbs which are processed with the aid of haggery, medicated rice. After applying oil in a gentle manner, our doctors apply the bolus on the specific affected part for the time duration of thirty to forty five minutes without the application of any pressure. Thus, this treatment is considered to be highly effective in order to treat any sort of cervical spondylosis.